Crypto Mining ETH and Monero

I took some time to post something related to crypto mining since is not profitable as a home user anymore but still is a way to learn new things and gamble some money in a possible bitcoin wav, nowadays we dont have only bitcoin, there are some others coins that might have a bright future, but over here I will just cover the basics in mining Etherium and Monero using a specific mining software not nicehash, kudo miner or honeyminer .

Mining is possible with a single video card but if that is that you want to do just for the hell of it keep in mind that you will not meaking a lot of money, with a single card I have been making between $0.60 to $0.85 with a NVIDIA GTX 1660 ti and I am having between 25MH/s to 27MH/s overclocked with Asus GPU Tweak.

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PGP tool Gpg4win

Most likely if you found this post is because you are already reading about PGP posible in the DN Bible or maybe you landed an onion page that is asking for a PGP auth for login, so here is a little introduction about PGP and how to install a PGP tool named Gpg4win.

PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy, is a data encryption tool that gives cryptographic privacy that you can use for emails and authentication for some websites (which I wish we could use on surface internet). you create “keys” which are associated with a username and a password, this key is stored in your PC.

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What is Usenet and How Does NZB Search Work?

If you’re into torrenting, the deep web and really anything below the surface of the Internet, chances are you’ve heard of Usenet. In this post, we’re going to explain a little bit about Usenet.

Usenet has been around since 1980, were people was able to share pretty much any content from really dark content to records form their DVRs, so basically is a server that is storing a bunch of data but they are not open to public, you have to pay to gain access to a legit usenet provider and besides that you need a good NZB indexer which is also premium.

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Mdadm is the modern tool most Linux distributions use these days to manage software RAID arrays.

You should be able to use any block storage devices in a RAID. Any standard directions for setting up a RAID using SATA HDD’s should be applicable when using USB storage as well. You’ll have to set it up so that the USB devices are assembled as members of the RAID array.

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