Tasker Advanced profile

Tasker if a must have app for android users, this will let you experience the real android power where you can automatize and modify your android OS without root (and of course it has more features when you have root priviligies).

Main reason why I started using tasker if becuase I wanted to find an easier way to manage my team and to make things with less human interaction, over here I will show and explain some Tasker profiles but of course this is just a glance to that new world and community behind that amazing app.

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Budget Plex Server Hardware

This post is about my own experience looking for an alternative for a streaming service and also to save a few bucks in my pocket. After using Hulu and Netflix for a few months, I got tired of same content or incomplete series so I found a couple of alternatives for my home entertainment center (yes first world problems) Kodi and Plex. This post is about Plex since is the one I chose for my personal use.

What is Plex? Well is another streaming service, where you choose what media to stream, movies, series, music and live TV.

The server can be a high end computer to a Raspberry Pi. I will go over a few settings and changes I made and maybe it will answer the questions that somebody may have.

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