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Cristian Cortez

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I started in the art of design in my teens, I started with the first steps with hand painting; Later I learned digital design, always in my adolescence until what I am now. I have a diploma as a graphic designer.

The domain of art has no limits; I underwent the learning of manual art in different techniques such as watercolor, oil, even muralism in its Graffiti technique

I started my higher studies in Architecture in the Faculty of Art and Design of the Universidad Francisco Gavidia in El Salvador.

– Arq. Cristian Cortez
  CEO / General Director

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Our experience allows us to avoid obstacles; We have worked with musicians, shops, restaurants, brands, our diversity of clients addresses our challenges. If you do not know what you want, lets we offering it to us through your needs. or do you know what you want? transmit your ideas!




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Atlacatl Studios

Atlacatl is a brand dedicated to graphic design and architectural work, with us, you can learn about different strategies to reach your final product; Are you interested in hiring us to develop your identity, or for your architectural projects?

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the key to success

knowledge and mastery of techniques

To be competent, you need comprehensive knowledge, experience in a variety of subjects and techniques.

Art handling is the best we know how to do!

Illustration manual & digital
Branding (corporate identity)
3D modeling and rendering & BIM
flow rates calculation
Budget and metric calculations
Architectural design
Facilities design and management
advertising design
Editorial design


Arq. Cristian Edgardo Cortez
CEO / Executive Director

“El mundo no es un angulo recto.” Zaha Hadid.

“La belleza perece en la vida, pero es inmortal en el arte”. Leonardo Davinci

“El diseño no solo es lo que ves, sino como funciona”. Steve Jobs.

“La inspiración es el momento previo, a la creación”. Mies van der Rohe

Active Clients

Señero Productions.