About John Ayala

Wanatux is my own project, I came up with the name when I was in highschool, is a combination of two words, Guanaco which is the nickname of people born in El Salvador, and Tux since I am a Linux enthusiast, coding is a hobby of mine.

Website development has been a side job for me, helping small businesses, groups, and personal projects. I am experienced in Data Analysis using different tools such as bs4 and selenium, just to mention some.

My current profession is nothing related to programming but I have the experience and imagination to automate the boring stuff.

John Ayala

Wanatux Founder

Wanatux Logo


2016 - Present

Wanatux NYC

Developing and maintaining multiple websites for small businesses, managing FB ads, and Google ads having a really high online presence using our Team skills in designing and automating the boring stuff.

2010 - 2016

Wanatux SV

Wanatux started officially helping professionally to small businesses and entrepreneurs in creating their websites in WordPress, MySQL maintenance for online shops, and bash scripting for server administration in appliances stores.

2008 - 2010


Working in Odesk for multiple projects, from HTML, CSS development to Data analysis.

About Me

Experienced Web Developer and Coder. 



Data Science and Machine Learning Python


Ethical Hacking course


Blockchain Developer with Ethereum and Solidity


Graphic Design Course


Red Hat Certified System Administrator


Website Design and Development CAC


WordPress 89%
Photoshop 61%
Python 71%
Javascript 50%
Html & CSS 85%