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NZBGet is the must have software if you are into the usenet databases, basically this will help you searching the files that you requested in Sonarr, Radarr or any other data management tool that you are using for your server, I ended up using NZBGet because it requires less resources than Sabnzbd for my Raspberry PI.

The interface is clean and has plugins that you can set up, such as renaming (if you need help renaming you can also do it with Sonarr or Radarr), detecting files extensions that you dont need for example “.iso”, they dont have the feature to auto comment like sabzbd but usenet providers dont like that feature anyways.

First SSH into Pi

Now we’ll download the and install the NZBGet to /opt.
To do this we’ll need to make a directory

sudo mkdir /opt/nzbget

Download the run script to /tmp using wget with the -P flag to determine the destination directory

wget -P /tmp

Make the script executable

chmod +x /tmp/

Now run the script to install

sudo sh /tmp/ --destdir /opt/nzbget

Now we’ll create the systemd file so we can start NZBGet now and automatically.

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/nzbget.service

Paste the following


ExecStart=/opt/nzbget/nzbget -c /opt/nzbget/nzbget.conf -D
ExecStop=/opt/nzbget/nzbget -Q
ExecReload=/opt/nzbget/nzbget -O


I have used root as user and group since the hard drives I am using are shared folders from a Windows PC and those folders are mounted by root.

Enable the service.

sudo systemctl enable nzbget

Now start the service

sudo systemctl start nzbget

Check it’s working

sudo systemctl status nzbget

Now open a browser and go to the local IP with 6789 appended

To login you’ll need
Username – nzbget
Password – tegbzn6789

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