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Budget Plex Server Hardware

This post is about my own experience looking for an alternative for a streaming service and also to save a few bucks in my pocket. After using Hulu and Netflix for a few months, I got tired of same content or incomplete series so I found a couple of alternatives for my home entertainment center (yes first world problems) Kodi and Plex. This post is about Plex since is the one I chose for my personal use.

What is Plex? Well is another streaming service, where you choose what media to stream, movies, series, music and live TV.

The server can be a high end computer to a Raspberry Pi. I will go over a few settings and changes I made and maybe it will answer the questions that somebody may have.

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List of new features after update via /r/galaxys10

List of new features after update

I just received an update on my Unlocked S10+ and there were a few small changes that I didn’t see anyone really talking about. So, I wanted to list them here:

    • Volume dot appears on YouTube now when you change volume. You can select it and drag it:
    • If you have the “Gesture Hints” turned on for your navigation bar then there are two small changes.
        • 1) If you swipe right ONCE on the Home “gesture line” then you switch between your last used app only. It previously just cycled through your entire list of apps one at a time. Edit: have been informed that this is NOT new functionality.
        • 2) Swiping up on Home and holding, to activate Google Assistant, now seems to show a “activation” animation that fills out the gesture hint line
    • Single tapping in a text field now brings up the context menu, (Clipboard, Copy, Paste, etc). It was previously a hold to bring it up. It worked in Google Messages and Keep.
    • Samsung Blockchain Keystore now available for unlocked, and possibly carrier, models. Go to Settings -> Biometrics and Security and scroll down to select it and activate it.
    • Calls and Messaging Continuity. Go to Settings -> Connections -> Call & Message Continuity. This seems to allow calls/messages to come through on any device your Samsung account is signed into. Samsung Messages must also be your default app: Might only be some models. AT&T user says they don’t have while T-Mobile user does.
    • When you use wireless powershare, the heart rate monitor LED will flash blue when waiting for a device to charge, will turn red once something is charging, green when it’s fully charged. There is also a new charging animation:

That’s all I’ve found so far! If you guys see anything else then please comment to let me know and I’ll try to update this post.

Bug fixes: – Caller ID no longer toggling off in the dialer after a reboot.

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Black Hole Gets a Name Meaning ‘the adorned fathomless dark creation’

Powehi: black hole gets a name meaning ‘the adorned fathomless dark creation’ – Language professor in Hawaii comes up with name welcomed by scientists who captured first image of galactic phenomenon

Submitted April 12, 2019 at 08:22AM by mvea
via reddit

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