What is Spytify?

Spytify is a Windows desktop application for recording music from Spotify. It’s a free open source Spotify recorder which records Spotify songs and skips ads, ensuring lossless sound quality. It automatically splits songs into separate tracks and records to MP3 with ID3 tags included artist, title and album. With Spytify, you could start easily enjoying your music on any MP3 Player or burnt to CD.

How it works?

Spytify records music from the soundcard of your computer. It records what music you are playing on computer. You will get the same quality as the original Spotify music, so the recorded copy will be indistinguishable from Spotify’s one. Spytify records at .mp3 quality, and not at higher qualities like .flac, as we know the Spotify deliver 320 kbps audio quality for most of songs.

How to record songs from Spotify?

It’s simple to record Spotify music with Spytify, please follow the step by step below:

  1. Download, install Spytify here.
  2. Launch the Spytify and your Spotify desktop application.
  3. Click the recording button in upper right on Spytify and then playing music on Spotify.

That’s all. Spytify will detect if there is a sound on your computer, if yes, it will start to record music that is playing. all recordings are saved under the same path: …/My Music/, the default music of Windows.

Spytify features:

  • Automatically adds metadata to .mp3 file (track, Track Title, Artist, Album Title, Album Art, Cover and Genre)
  • No Ads Doesn’t record ads and has an option to disable audio ads
  • Mutes Other Apps Mutes any other applications while spying Spotify
  • Great Audio Quality Gets and records with the same great audio quality than Spotify
  • Normalize volume Max out the volume of your Spotify audio session to record all song at the same volume level delivered by Spotify
  • Works for both free and paid Spotify account Up to 120 kbps for A free Spotify account since Spotify restricts a free account with audio quality to 120 kbps. Recording up to 320 kbps audio if you have a Premium Spotify subscription.


  • Windows OS
  • Microsoft Framework (.NET 4.6 or higher).
  • Spotify Desktop application.

Pros and cons


  • Free to use
  • Get ID3 tags for each recorded song
  • Get same quality music from Spotify
  • Remove Ads


  • Only support for Windows OS
  • Need to install Spotify desktop application, didn’t work with Spotify browser player
  • Record music from Spotify only not support other popular streaming music services like Amazon prime music.
  • The interface need to be improved. It seems a Matrix theme.
  • Music quality its bad.
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Ubuntu SSH

You may often have to access remote servers to administer, manage, and troubleshoot and there are several ways to do this. You may use telnet to login to remote servers; FTP allows transferring files between different servers. However, these programs are not secure enough for connecting to critical servers. SSH, a secure shell is a cryptographic network protocol using which you can securely access network services over an unsecured network. SSH allows you to access servers through Terminal and various command line functions. It is helpful if you want to access and administer a server remotely using a secure way.

In this article, I am going to describe how you can remotely manage a Linux server with SSH.

For this article, I am using the following machines:

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Home Server Project part 1

Nowadays in this new era apartments are shrinking and we do not have enough space for a TV stand with DVD storage or maybe a shelf for DVDs, just as our parents did, so now we Millenials are having a different approach to storage since we adapt to changes and some of us prefer to own home server.

Server is not a big thing like it used to be now there are small servers with a raspberry pi or an old computer to turn them in a NAS. Having your own home server will allow you to share that media not only in LAN also stream content when you are at work or maybe in a different country, totally up to you.

Home Servers offer a bunch of different options and it is really convenient all depends on you and the needs you want to fulfill, of course, it needs a learning curve but the results will exceed expectations and here I will explain how to properly set up a home server for streaming content.

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Budget Plex Server Hardware

This post is about my own experience looking for an alternative for a streaming service and also to save a few bucks in my pocket. After using Hulu and Netflix for a few months, I got tired of same content or incomplete series so I found a couple of alternatives for my home entertainment center (yes first world problems) Kodi and Plex. This post is about Plex since is the one I chose for my personal use.

What is Plex? Well is another streaming service, where you choose what media to stream, movies, series, music and live TV.

The server can be a high end computer to a Raspberry Pi. I will go over a few settings and changes I made and maybe it will answer the questions that somebody may have.

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List of new features after update via /r/galaxys10

List of new features after update

I just received an update on my Unlocked S10+ and there were a few small changes that I didn’t see anyone really talking about. So, I wanted to list them here:

    • Volume dot appears on YouTube now when you change volume. You can select it and drag it: https://i.imgur.com/I087snX.jpg
    • If you have the “Gesture Hints” turned on for your navigation bar then there are two small changes.
        • 1) If you swipe right ONCE on the Home “gesture line” then you switch between your last used app only. It previously just cycled through your entire list of apps one at a time. Edit: http://imgur.com/a/w67ZyDtI have been informed that this is NOT new functionality.
        • 2) Swiping up on Home and holding, to activate Google Assistant, now seems to show a “activation” animation that fills out the gesture hint line
    • Single tapping in a text field now brings up the context menu, (Clipboard, Copy, Paste, etc). It was previously a hold to bring it up. It worked in Google Messages and Keep.
    • Samsung Blockchain Keystore now available for unlocked, and possibly carrier, models. Go to Settings -> Biometrics and Security and scroll down to select it and activate it.
    • Calls and Messaging Continuity. Go to Settings -> Connections -> Call & Message Continuity. This seems to allow calls/messages to come through on any device your Samsung account is signed into. Samsung Messages must also be your default app: http://imgur.com/a/NoPzMSX. Might only be some models. AT&T user says they don’t have while T-Mobile user does.
    • When you use wireless powershare, the heart rate monitor LED will flash blue when waiting for a device to charge, will turn red once something is charging, green when it’s fully charged. There is also a new charging animation: http://imgur.com/a/PPC4Ls4

That’s all I’ve found so far! If you guys see anything else then please comment to let me know and I’ll try to update this post.

Bug fixes: – Caller ID no longer toggling off in the dialer after a reboot.

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