Riot gave up on Nexus Blitz too early via

Riot gave up on Nexus Blitz too early

Im trying to keep this short. (got a bit longer than expected, added TL;DR)

So what Nexus Blitz is a fast-paced 5v5 alternative gamemode that offered the following:

– GUARANTEED fast matches (20 minutes maximum), where in ARAM match time can vary heavily.

– Getting full build without playing for 40 minutes and test builds/champs (my fastest full build was after 12 minutes I think).

– Different events making games more varying. Events could be added and removed keeping the mode fresh.

What might have caused a drop in total hours played:

– An unpolished, ugly alpha state map.

– “forcing” players into spamming the mode to complete events.

– A fair amount of bugs.

– Not everyone likes alternative game modes and goes back to SR after seeing what Nexus Blitz is. I dont play ARAM for example (only a few games atm because of missions, bringing me back to point 2).

2 quotes Id like to comment on (from here):

While we’re no longer considering Nexus Blitz as a permanent mode for the foreseeable future

If Riot actually intends to bring back the mode with a polished and unique-themed version of the map, they should definitely consider bringing it back for a longer playtest and evaluate again.

As we think about future experimental modes, we’ll be reflecting on the lessons learned here and using that knowledge to create a long-lasting experience that can repeatedly serve players.

This sounds like a hasty conclusion considering everything mentioned above. But If Riot decides to leave Nexus Blitz as unpolished as it is and throw it in for events only its probably the way to go to expect something new and permanent.

And about this fun fact: “[..] it’s not as bad as the Int-Sled, which was by far the lowest win rate reward […]”

The way I, my friends and probably many others did the mission: Finally get a sled from winning an event -> all in -> die -> repeat and hopefully finish the mission. So thats not too surprising.

TL;DR imo Riot drew hasty conclusions considering the given facts on an unpolished experimental game mode. I dont believe that a finished version of Nexus Blitz would have a lesser right to exist as a permanent game mode than Twisted Treeline.

EDIT The comment section blew up more than expected, I didnt read everything yet, but 2 things stand out:

They didn’t give up on it. It’s a rotating mode.

Nexus Blitz was revealed as an experimental game mode with the intention to turn it into a permanent game mode if it gets very popular. Turning it into a rotating game mode probably means that theyll stop polishing it (own map theme and stuff) since its not worth the time. And you know how rotating game modes are handled at the moment.

I loved 1.0 but 2.0 was bad (or) 2.0 was way better than 1.0

If youre interested, I gave very detailed feedback on NB 1.0 (here) and 2.0 (here) on the PBE boards. Imo both versions had good and bad aspects and a mix between both of them could be the best way for the map. But I dont expect any big changes anymore since itll stay a rotating game mode.

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